Getting clients where they want to be.

It takes a people-centric approach to practicing law for an increasingly interconnected world. And that’s what we offer at Womble Bond Dickinson.

Our lawyers have worked in your manufacturing facilities, your laboratories, and your boardrooms. We know your constituents, your customers, and your competition. We live in your town. We root for your home team.

And our law firm’s far-reaching network—of cutting-edge technology, artificial intelligence and machine learning, and attorneys with industry-specific knowledge—amplifies that connection with powerful resources. It adds up to a full-service law firm with deep market knowledge and global capabilities.

Our platform of 1,000 attorneys in 32 U.S. and UK offices gives us a deep bench, diverse industry perspectives, and a wide range of mission-critical legal services. 

We go out of our way to listen and learn our clients’ business needs, allowing them to see things in a different light. Womble Bond Dickinson: A Point of View Like No Other.